Pizza Hut, one of the leading restaurant chains worldwide, decided it was time to bring its services closer to customers, through their mobile devices. The company teamed up with ATCOM to create a native mobile application for Android and iOS devices, to act as an information and mobile ordering hub.

The creative approach was based on a fresh and playful look and feel, with material design elements and clever use of thematic illustrations that add up to the user interface’s high findability and usability. With solid information architecture, the new app also incorporates personalisation elements such as multiple sign up and log in methods, favourites, order history and saved credit card sections, while the basket overview is clear and provides cross-selling features.

The most innovative feature of the new Pizza Hut mobile application is the interactive step-by-step “My Pizza” option. Whether it’s customising a pizza from the menu or building a completely new pizza from scratch, users can pick the pizza’s size by pinch-zooming in and out, select the crust type and then add ingredients on touch. Sliding the ingredients onto the crust, they can see their pizza take form on their mobile screens, in an exciting and fun experience.

Built on ATCOM’s TAPvolution framework for native applications.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and services!

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