Netvolution™ is a highly innovative Web Content Management system that allows rapid application development while minimizing the burden of authoring and editing multimedia and multilingual content.

The Netvolution™ Core and its broad range of ready-made and fully customizable modules cover the vast majority of content management, authoring and web publishing requirements; in addition, the complete developers' API enables the development of practically any special application based on unique needs. Moreover, the use of an advanced integrated templating engine offers a development environment that does not compromise design creativity.

Netvolution™ is offered in two different editions: Netvolution™ WCM and Netvolution™ WCMP.

Netvolution™ WCM

Netvolution™’s modular architecture enables us to license it in a way that allows customers to pay only for the functionality they actually need and are going to use. That’s why the entry license fee is very low while there is an extensive selection of add-ons that offer the opportunity to build your content management system to exactly fit your needs and budget.

This doesn’t mean that the Netvolution™ Core lacks functionality. On the contrary Netvolution™ CMS includes a wealth of advanced “out-of-the-box” functionality such as: unlimited multilingual support, complete site pages management without any restrictions, full administration users and rights management, syndication capabilities, friendly URLs support for search engine optimization, usability enhancements such as drag & drop reordering, mass uploads, batch images manipulation etc., publishing workflow support configurable through the UI, scheduled content publishing, versioning of every content type, extended administration forms personalization capabilities (custom fields addition, reordering, grouping in tabs, labels renaming and more), auto maintainable auto suggest fields, complete users’ action log, load balancing support, advanced caching and more.

Netvolution™ WCMP

Netvolution™ WCMP is the way to go when there is a need for complete programmatic control over Netvolution™ content management features. The WCMP edition allows users to extend Netvolution to fit very specific needs to connect and interoperate with proprietary legacy systems or build their applications on top of Netvolution™’s robust framework, taking advantage of the system’s facilities to deliver their solutions in a timely manner.

Netvolution™ WCMP provides access to the complete Netvolution™’s API and is backed by continuous technical support for one year and access to Netvolution™’s API documentation and support material to assist you in developing your own revolutionary web application.

Netvolution™ WCMP users are given the access and the means to develop their own Netvolution™ modules implementing any custom business logic, to extend the system by creating their own custom add-ons that can be seamlessly integrated in the administration environment, to create modules without even the need of writing code by using Netvolution™’s intuitive SQL Modules functionality and even create complete administration sections through the UI, utilizing the unigue Data Catalogues feature.

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