Interactive games

Nothing can adequately describe the success of Advergames the way their history can. Even though Advergames appeared before the Internet became part of our everyday lives, back when their first ‘samples’ were distributed through floppy disks, the actual “Advergame” term was not coined until 2000 and was officially published in 2001, in Wired magazine’s “Jargon Watch”. The actual name was meant to describe the wide range of both off-line promotional branded computer games and the now popular branded online games in websites, microsites and rich media banners.

At Atcom, we are very aware of the fact that including gaming in online advertising is a practice which is continuously gaining ground, as it offers the end-user an interactive experience to an extent that a common banner could never accomplish. Brand awareness is achieved through participation, interactivity and fun, thus making the visitor’s involvement with the brand stronger and abiding. This is why at Atcom, when designing and developing an interactive game, we aim to not just advertise, but also intrigue even the savviest audience, tempting each and every visitor to interact with the advertised brand.