“A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way” (Source: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia , in its own terse definition, manages, with just 12 words, to describe the most complex class of web sites. The term portal initially referred to a few sites which incorporated a number of features and services managing to combine different sources and so, opening a gate to the once inhospitable Internet. Modern day portals, as well as their “vertical’ or thematic versions, still remain impressive in content volume and constitute one of the most successful expressions of business web.

Atcom’s expertise in website creation (concept, information design, usability) in combination with its guaranteed reliable technical support (stability, availability, flexibility in content management applications, ability for customization to meet specific marketing needs) both during the launching phase and in the long run, ensures its associates that however complex the development of a portal may be, it will be thoroughly realised and the end result will exceed expectations.