Public sector

Having complete cognizance of the Public Sector’s role in National Economies, Atcom has significantly invested in evolving services and applications which support the e-Government, while also offering the corporate world solutions to aid them in their alignment with the activities of the public sector.

Especially the past few years during which electronic governance has been substantially invigorated and exploiting contemporary tools and technologies is encouraged, Atcom has developed numerous projects not only for the public sector but also for companies that participate in activities under the Government’s Digital Strategy framework. These include typical projects like e-Commerce, interactive web portals, web-stream, wikis, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, Web2SMS, bluetooth, SMS, MMS, but also new trends like Social Networks. For all the above, Atcom offers its associates, besides technical support, a staff consisting of specialised experts not only on procedures but also in creating a thorough strategy for achieving the best possible result.