Social networks

“Social Networks” are online communities where people meet, socialize, exchange digital files, etc.»  (Source: Screen Actors New Media Lexicon)

Our innate need for communicating has been recorded since the beginning of human history.  The Internet helps satisfy this primal need. As a community, the Internet has evolved to become a place for the spread of rumors and gossip. Considering the grand popularity of the Internet and the mass numbers of Internet users is it possible that every single one of them truly appreciates the essence of this unique form of communication enough to effectively participate in the SociNetworks community?

We at ATCOM are well aware that almost everyone today is at least familiar with social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, Blogs, YouTube, chatrooms and email. However, we believe that simple familiarity is not enough when it comes to mastering the art of commercial communication. For this reason we have invested our time in obtaining the appropriate know-how and personnel training necessary to help guide our clients towards achieving their networking goals. We offer help with all the special technological needs our clients require to effectively communicate through today’s Social Networking Sphere.