ATCOM is a wide and diverse group with a distinct variety in perspectives and perceptions. Our multidisciplinary teams of agile experts tackle intricate challenges throughout the business ecosystem, while learning, playing and excelling together.


Creative vision, infinite passion, unrivalled expertise

We are proud to say that our most valuable assets are our people. We invest in talented individuals and aim to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. Creating an environment that allows us to mature as professionals and expand as a team, we yield quantifiable results – and we have an awesome time doing that, too.



Our five principles are the foundations of our philosophy and the way we approach business. They unite, guide us and define our day by day work culture.

To adapt, you need to evolve. We like to get out of our comfort zone and transform ourselves, to transform your business.
We don't give up. Period.
Consistency can be measured & accounted for, creates relevance and builds reputation. Dedication to consistency makes us who we are.
Taking ownership is taking initiative. The ownership mentality is vital to us, as it motivates us to be creative and innovative, while keeping our feet on the ground.
Good character, fairness and integrity are indispensable human and business values - and essential parts of our philosophy.


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The first full companion app for students and teachers is up and running, by ATCOM and BCA College. Rethinking key operations of the College, the new BCA College app enriches and upgrades the experience of students and teachers. Incorporating technologies applied for the first time in education, the app marks the beginning of a new era of tech-enabled innovation for BCA College.

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Crafting innovative experiences, the Experience Lab way. A surprise awaits you on our website: Scroll down our Lab’s dedicated page, have your smartphone at hand, and get ready to have your world augmented by our special AR experience!

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Our latest work for taxiplon rethinks from the ground up the passenger experience of its customers and transforms the company’s business strategic framework. The new Taxiplon Passenger mobile app is here to change the game in ground transportation services.

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When a German leader in the automobile and travel services entrusts you with their next step into the digital economy, the outcome speaks for itself: The new ADAC ferry-booking site consolidates ADAC’s position in the German market, radically improving the experience of its 20 million subscribers. By strategically extending ADAC’s B2C and B2B booking services, the website provides a solid foundation for further business development. Find out more now!

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ATCOM won 7 Ermis Awards at yesterday’s ceremony: 2 Gold and 2 Silver awards for Eurobank, 2 Silver awards for Reborrn and 1 Bronze for our own ATCOM site! We would like to thank and congratulate our partners Eurobank & Reborrn and, of course, the incredible ATCOM team for always delivering.

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Want to be part of a great team? We are always on the lookout for talented people. Maybe you will be our next star! Contact us and make your career dream come true.