ATCOM is a wide and diverse group with a distinct variety in perspectives and perceptions. Our multidisciplinary teams of agile experts tackle intricate challenges throughout the business ecosystem, while learning, playing and excelling together.


Creative vision, infinite passion, unrivalled expertise

We are proud to say that our most valuable assets are our people. We invest in talented individuals and aim to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. Creating an environment that allows us to mature as professionals and expand as a team, we yield quantifiable results – and we have an awesome time doing that, too.



Our five principles are the foundations of our philosophy and the way we approach business. They unite, guide us and define our day-to-day work culture.

To adapt, you need to evolve. We like to get out of our comfort zone and transform ourselves, to transform your business.
We don't give up. Period.
Consistency can be measured & accounted for, creates relevance and builds reputation. Dedication to consistency makes us who we are.
Taking ownership is taking initiative. The ownership mentality is vital to us, as it motivates us to be creative and innovative, while keeping our feet on the ground.
Good character, fairness and integrity are indispensable human and business values - and essential parts of our philosophy.


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Dafni Prosalika, ATCOM’s Chief Commercial Officer and Constantine Kamaras, Vice-Chairman of ATCOM’s BoD, will share the stage of the upcoming Innovators’19: the Conference about tech-enabled Creativity this Friday, May the 10th at Dais Conference Center, within ATCOM’s Grand Sponsorship. Be there!

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It’s always an honour to see our work being recognised! ATCOM was a double winner at last night's #Digital Media Awards 2019 ceremony, winning a Gold and a Bronze DIME Award for, in the "Best Homepage" and "Best Responsive or Mobile Edition" categories respectively. Congratulations to each and every one who made this project happen!

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Introducing the upgraded Redesigned, to offer streamlined navigation, modern aesthetics & enhanced user experience. Replatformed, to make use of Netvolution 5.5’s advanced functionalities. The new is here to transform the experience of its growing audience and connect every aspect of the Parapolitika brand.

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Happy World Blood Donor Day! Today the world honors & thanks all the volunteer blood donors who, through their wholehearted commitment, help save millions of lives. So let’s make the most of this day, raise awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation and help create a sustainable blood supply, sufficient for everyone in need.

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Following her speech at the “Innovators ’19: The Conference about Tech-Enabled Creativity”, ATCOM’s CCO Dafni Prosalika shares her insights on the importance of a culture of innovation at the core of every modern business and talks about her vision for ATCOM and MOCTA, in an exclusive interview to Marketing Week.

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