AVIN Oil, understanding the need for a strong Omnichannel digital presence, selected ATCOM as a strategic partner and proceeded to the creation of a new website and loyalty mobile application that enhance and reward the purchasing behaviour of AVIN customers.

Fully aligned with defined business objectives and AVIN corporate philosophy, ATCOM devised the strategy that would best address both the needs of the company and its customers, within the context of a digital business transformation plan.

The new AVIN Κερδίζω mobile application includes and showcases the innovative functionality of the loyalty programme, enabling users to either register their physical card, or issue a new digital card, providing total control over members’ transactions and overall activity, information about sales and offers, point collection and redemption.

ATCOM’s Mobile Department built the application on TAPvolution, ATCOM’s development framework for mobile native applications, incorporating novel features such as advanced filters, instant point redemption at the physical AVIN stations, collected rewards & e-coupon updates, useful maps, as well as a smart route planner.

In addition to the mobile app, the avinkerdizo.gr portal serves as a point of interaction with end users, for all actions related to the loyalty programme.

ATCOM’s Creative Department adopted a fresh approach, opting for an intuitive, clean-cut design with a friendly and approachable look and feel which focuses on user experience and usability, featuring a well-structured information architecture and high findability.

The AVIN loyalty programme is now more direct and accessible than ever, eliminating for cardholders the need of a physical card and extending its services at their fingertips.

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