Communication for reporting a misconduct (whistleblowing)

In compliance with the provisions of Law 4990/2022, ATCOM encourages and urges its employees, as well as any third party related to the company, to report illegal, irregular or unethical behaviour to our company. The provisions herein apply to the protection of persons who report or disclose:

(a) violations of Union law in the following areas:

  • (aa) public procurement;
  • (ab) financial services, products and markets, as well as the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • (ac) safety and conformity of products;
  • (ad) safety of transport;
  • (ae) environmental protection,
  • (af) protection against radiation and nuclear safety;
  • (ag) food and feed safety, as well as animal health and welfare;
  • (ah) public health;
  • (ai) consumer protection;
  • (aj) the protection of privacy and personal data, as well as the security of network and information systems

(b) violations affecting the Union’s financial interests pursuant to Article 325 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and the specific provisions of the relevant Union measures;

(c) violations related to the internal market, as referred to in para. 2 of Article 26 of the TFEU, including violations of Union rules on competition and state aid, as well as violations related to the internal market regarding acts that violate the rules on corporate taxation or arrangements, the purpose of which is to secure a tax advantage that defeats the object or purpose of the applicable corporate tax legislation.

If any irregular or immoral behaviour has come to your attention, you can report it by name or anonymously, as our priority at ATCOM is to ensure integrity, trust and transparency.


By email

You can send your report to the email address, the recipient of which is ATCOM’s Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer.

By telephone

You can call directly to +30 2112002703

By post

You can send your report to the following address to the attention of ATCOM’s Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer:

24, Averof Street, N. Ionia, Attica
PC 14232

Through a personal meeting with the Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer

The meeting will be held within a reasonable time, at the deporting person’s request.


When we receive a report, either by name or anonymous, it is undertaken by the Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer.

The Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer operates in confidentiality, ensuring the confidentiality and secrecy of the reports he/she receives. He/she evaluates the data on the basis of existing policies, while ensuring effective decision-making. A key priority of the Report Receiving & Monitoring Officer is to keep confidential the identity of reporting persons, while ensuring their full protection against retaliation. However, malicious reports constitute unethical behaviour and are not protected or kept confidential.