All you need and more to deliver on the promise of modern Unified customer experiences

Future-proof and scale your commerce business

The intelligent platform to solidify your investment in e-commerce operations.

A-commerce is ATCOM's flagship platform made for Unified Commerce. Providing holistic and unified commerce services over multiple channels, from web and mobile to brick-and-mortar, A-commerce is currently the most advanced commerce platform to help you scale your business on.

No matter how small you believe you are or how big you aspire to become; whether you are in your early steps or need replatforming to grow, A-commerce is the right choice.

Start Selling Fast

A-commerce comes with tons of ready-to-use features and out-of-the-box functionality that can empower you to start selling sooner.

Build & Integrate

Customize Web and Native mobile app experiences, integrate with any system and expose native or custom APls - headless.

Scale & Grow

A-commerce will allow you to scale & grow along with your commerce operations. Your solution will never halt your expansion.

Inherently intelligent due to its Artificial Intelligence-embedded foundations, A-commerce offers a plethora of innovative features that change the game in e-commerce:

Product Catalogue

Structure any kind of products (tangible or intangible) into any category hierarchy. Manage product dimensions such as sizes, colors and materials, to name a few.

Offer Management

Everyone loves getting a discount. With A-commerce, you can create customizable discounts that drive sales and make shoppers happy. With rules, qualifiers, scheduling and coupon generation, you can control which discounts apply, in what order, and how many times.

Order Management

View all orders in any state and perform allowed actions, either automatically or manually. Define the exact order workflow that fits your business needs.

Artificial Intelligence Built In

With built-in AI, you can serve custom-made product recommendations to customers, based on order history and other past actions & laser focus your offer newsletters to the correct customers.

Customer Engagement

Get a 360 view of all contacts (customers) on your database. Search, filter and sort in business-critical segments, to which you can then target content and material. Support loyalty schemes and product ratings & reviews.


Combine innovation and data to implement your digital merchandising strategies, understand what drives purchases and convert browsers into customers.

Content Management

Create breathtaking pages through the rich page design editor. Take content personalization to the next level. Structure content and serve it to the correct segment.


Build from the ground up to natively support cloud infrastructures. With a microservices architecture, you can be assured that scaling your commerce platform will be easy and cost-effective, while streamlining your CI and CD.

Headless & Limitless UI

Optionally decouple your core processes from the UI.
Bring any commerce experience to life. Simply put, no UI limits.

Reporting & Insights

Built-in analytics and reports will give you the means to review your online business’s recent activity, get insight into your visitors and analyze your performance & revenue stream.

Mobile App SDK

Build and deliver amazing native mobile apps, using the native mobile app SDK that leverages all core functionality, reducing time to market of feature-rich mobile commerce solutions.

Development Platform

Let your developers unleash their talent through a code-first application stack. Evolve and grow your solution, either in house or with the help of a well-trained partner.


  • Platform Core (Unlimited Users)
  • Content Management
  • Commerce Operations
  • Customer Engagement (Unlimited Contacts)
  • Consent Management
  • Native Mobile App SDK
  • AI Product Recommendations & Personalization
  • Unlimited Commerce Sites & Store Fronts
  • Unlimited Production and Nonproduction Environments

What makes ATCOM stand out from competition, is that we always make sure that your commerce ecosystem will bring about the desired business results; and we achieve this through our one-of-a-kind offering of services spanning the pillars of Strategy, Experience, Technology and Cloud & Infrastructure. We firmly believe that A-commerce, combined with our full stack of services, make up the perfect recipe for success.

Reach out to find out how we can help you harness the full potential of your e-business.