Konstantinos Theotokas CEO

It is ironic that much of the business talk on the web has always been about 'destinations' when, for all of us involved in the internet industry, the experience and excitement of being involved in the shaping of a new medium lies in the journey itself.

One cannot help but occasionally pause and stand back in amazement : from the days of simple tools, low bandwidth, limited usage and seriously unproven business models, we have all travelled together towards a new world of potent and versatile technology, transformative user behavior, strong revenues - and real profits. It has not been -and still isn't- easy or simple : navigating through buzzwords, fads and hype, the challenge remains to focus on what produces sustainable, tangible value for businesses and consumers.

We take the view that by continuously investing in our products and services, rapidly incorporating customer feedback, innovating across the spectrum of our offerings - both in our home markets and, increasingly, abroad - we can maintain our distinguished place in the internet industry and grow further as a quality solutions provider for our clients. Indeed, constantly communicating with our customers is a critical element in our mission - be it through meetings, calls, emails, IM, social networks, intra/extranets. Or a corporate blog.

Welcome to ATCOM.

Kostas Theotokas
Founder & Managing Director