On Wednesday 19 of June, the 2nd eBusiness and Social Media Conference will take place at the Divani Caravel Hotel, in Athens. ATCOM will be there, participating in roundtables, holding presentations and workshops, with 6 established directors.

The Conference aims to promote the significant perspective for development in one of the most fast-pacing sectors of economy; to pinpoint the available opportunities, stress their dynamics and focus on the relation between e-business and competitiveness, together with extroversion.

Here in ATCOM, we do believe in the power of technology, so along with Mindworks, Linkwise and the UXlab, we will participate on the event, with a series of presentations and workshops from by some of our elite directors.

More particularly, you can watch:

  • Periklis Vanikiotis, Head of Digital Marketing, explaining how to "Craft seductive content for real brand value"
  • Katerina Karagianni, UX Lab Business Unit Director, focusing on Usability and User Experience, and it became from "Nice to Have" to "Do or Die"
  • Fotis Antonopoulos, Head of Digital Innovation, pinpointing "10+1 minor details that most etailers neglect and could increase sales"
  • Giannis Amaxopoulos, Director of Search and Social highlighting "10 things people don’t know about Google"
  • Giorgos Sotiropoulos, Client Service Director of Linkwise, proving that "Affiliate Marketing has a guaranteed ROI"
  • Giorgos Symeonidis, Managing Director of Linkwise, presenting on an hourly workshop "What makes an affiliate program stand out and what are the key metrics to focus on"

You can have a look at the extended Conference program here and you can register for free here.

If you make it to the Conference, don’t forget to drop by our Exhibition Stand, to discuss about technology, and not only.