Announced at the e-commerce conference 2022 by Jason Kataropoulos.


A-commerce, the new Omnichannel Commerce platform recently launched by ATCOM, was presented by CCO Jason Kataropoulos, in his speech at the e-commerce conference 2022 on the 6th of April, organised by BOUSSIAS and supported by ATCOM with a Gold sponsorship.

ATCOM’s flagship platform provides holistic services in Unified Commerce, from web to mobile and from e-commerce to the physical store. It is a product developed by ATCOM which, as Mr. Kataropoulos stated, represents the culmination of the company’s 20-year-long experience in the development of CMS and e-commerce platforms, aiming to offer solutions to the challenges modern e-commerce businesses face – today, as well as in the future.

Functioning on the pillars of stability, speed, security and scalability, and with Artificial Intelligence as an inherent constant, A-commerce includes a native SDK for mobile apps and supports the integration of any kind of systems, while its microservices architecture allows for the uninterrupted infrastructure scaling, thus securing every future need of the business. At the same time, the platform incorporates advanced Merchandising tools, innovative Unified Commerce and Customer Experience functionalities, and smart features in the areas of content management, consent management and reporting, to name a few.

Besides the technological innovation that defines this new generation of software, as underlined by Mr. Kataropoulos, A-commerce offers organisations significant flexibility, regardless of their size or turnover; therefore addressing every modern business, either starting now in e-commerce or searching for the next vehicle to the future.

You can find more information about A-commerce here.