The past meets the future in the microsite of the company's anniversary campaign.


ATCOM celebrates 20 years of presence in the Greek market, launching a microsite designed and implemented in the context of its birthday celebration. inaugurates the company’s anniversary campaign and invites the public to participate in ATCOM’s celebrations.

With the site as a reference, the company celebrates 20 years as a Digital Business leader, showcasing its timeless vision to have a positive impact in people’s lives through technology, strategy and innovation. With modern design matching ATCOM’s anniversary corporate identity and with content constantly updated, the site follows the successful course of ATCOM, exploring how its work has influenced the growth of Digital Business over the last 20 years. At the same time, ATCOM’s people are invited to share their thoughts, as the key players in the development and evolution of the company, as well as in the maturing process of Greece’s digital landscape. signals the beginning of a rich anniversary campaign which, with “Change the Future” as the main message, invites the audience to become familiar with milestones in the history of ATCOM, to retrace the history of the Greek digital ecosystem and to find out how ATCOM changes the future – every single day.

You can see the site here.