The implementation of a Mobile Loyalty Application that, through Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Beacons technology, interacts with physical installations and enhances instore customer experience.


The Lemonis Group of Companies entrusts ATCOM with the augmentation of its customers’ shopping experience, through the development of a Loyalty Scheme for its Kalogirou brand, within the framework of a comprehensive digital strategy put into effect by the company, in collaboration with ATCOM. The project’s objective is the apprehension, documentation and unification of physical and online customer and visitor behaviours, resulting in targeted communication and an upgraded shopping experience.

ATCOM – following its ATCOM Next event, where such applications were introduced by the company for the first time – with this project, aims to redefine the design and implementation of Loyalty strategies, into the omnichannel era. In this context, the Loyalty Scheme of the Kalogirou stores will operate centrally on a mobile application that will constitute the digital loyalty card, gathering all the transactions between the user and the brand, as well as all the privileges that occur from them.

This particular application will be connected to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product, providing the company with deep knowledge of the behaviour and preferences of its customers, thus encouraging an even more targeted and personalised conversation with the consumers, leading to increased effectiveness of the company’s marketing and sales activities, throughout every available communication channel.

At the same time, the technology of Beacons and a number of innovative interactive applications bring the consumer into the foreground, helping reinforce interpersonal communication, while maximising the potential for a real-time personalised assistance and service, inside or outside Kalogirou physical stores.

Chrysa Grigoriou, Lemonis Group’s Marketing & PR Director, stated: “Our goal is to get to know our customers better, in order not only to strengthen our relationship, but also to be able to offer them the high-level shopping experience Kalogirou guarantees for 125 years now. We believe that ATCOM, with its deep technical expertise and advanced perception of the available technology, is the most suitable partner in this effort of ours”.

“We are exceptionally happy that yet another partner of ATCOM trusted Microsoft’s cloud solutions. Our shared goal with ATCOM is to contribute to the improvement of business productivity through innovative solutions like the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which promotes better project management, while making optimal use of the communication with the customer,” said Euaggelos Chrysochoos, Commercial Director at Microsoft Hellas.

Kostas Theotokas, Managing Director of ATCOM stated: “Today’s available technology can be turned into a real business ally, especially in the field of retail. The knowledge we can collect from the online, as well as the physical shop, can become the foundation of a commercial strategy with tangible benefits for businesses and customers alike. Meanwhile, specifically as far as ATCOM is concerned, we are particularly happy about the extension of our collaboration with Microsoft Hellas, with the installation and customisation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product, and we aspire to the application of CRM solutions in new fields.”