A new Business Unit is created, as Aboutourism Destination Consultants is integrated and rebranded as Toposophy


ATCOM announces the creation of a brand new Business Unit named Toposophy, as a result of the incorporation of Aboutourism, a tourism development consulting company. The main objective of Toposophy is to drive the expansion of ATCOM services to business sectors of strategic priority, such as tourism.

Aboutourism will be repositioned in the Greek and international market under the brand of Toposophy ( and will expand its mission and services from a tourism consultancy to an Integrated Destination Marketing Agency, functioning as a vertical Business Unit of ATCOM under the management of Manolis Psarros.

With the integration of Toposophy, ATCOM acquires a broader knowledge and specialised know-how in the development, management and promotion of tourism-centred services. Thus, ATCOM develops a broader framework of services for existing and future clients while acquiring access in new markets. At the same time, Toposophy consolidates its leadership in the sector of strategic development and digital solutions services for the whole range of tourism sector, enhanced by the expertise and the know-how of ATCOM.

Toposophy’s core services are:

  • The creation of a complete strategic action plan, offering guidelines in the areas of tourism product development.
  • The design and implementation of comprehensive programs of tourism promotion in web, social media, mobile and traditional media.
  • The organisation and conduction of tourism events & workshops including travel trade events and press/fam trips.

Since its foundation, Aboutourism has enjoyed tremendous success and has worked with national, regional or local authorities. It has provided tourism organisations, associations and companies with practical solutions to develop, manage and market locations as tourism destinations. Distinguished examples of its work are delivered campaigns for Greek Tourism Organisation, Municipality of Athens, Region of Peloponnese, Slovenian Tourism Board, French Ministry of Tourism, Helsinki Region and Mexican Secretary of Tourism.