A new Business Unit and a new era for ATCOM services.


ATCOM announced the creation of a new Business Unit, incorporating the pioneering & award-winning company Mindworks, the first and largest company in Greece providing Search Engine Marketing services.

The incorporation of Mindworks is fundamental to ATCOM’s strategy of converting the know-how of Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into real value for its customers and with this movement, ATCOM considerably strengthens its position within the Greek market, while simultaneously acquiring an important advantage towards its enterprising activities on an international level beyond Greece.

Within the field of Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation, Mindworks has enjoyed tremendous success due to its high level of specialisation, expertise and the effectiveness of its customer centric philosophy and approach. Distinguished examples of this strategy in the works, are completed PPC & SEO campaigns created by ATCOM and Mindworks for leading web sites such as (corporate presentation & electronic reservations/bookings), (search engine & price comparison mechanism), (corporate presentation & e-shop), all web sites for Liberis Publications which include and as well as the website which has been the first search engine marketing campaign in the history of the Greek Effie Awards to receive recognition in the David Goliath category.

Konstantinos Theotokas, Managing Directing of ATCOM Internet & Multimedia, commented, “Search Engine Marketing is one of the most dynamic forms of online enterprise activity, and something which ATCOM has and will continue to invest in, consequently leading us towards this direction. Our objective is to help our customers build a rich online presence which will effectively represent their values and will offer possibilities of growth, expansion and ultimate exposure. By obtaining the traits and skills of a company like Mindworks under the ATCOM umbrella of online services, we are confident results will be delivered by a team of experts and our presence in the Greek and international market will be strengthened”.

Mindworks Business Unit Director, Costas Mantziaris expressed, “Being a part of the larger corporate entity of ATCOM signals a new beginning and gives Mindworks access to a depth and breadth of development, support and other resources that will further accelerate growth, helping to bring even greater competitive advantages to our business. Our technical infrastructure, strengths and our ability to innovate & deliver unique services will only become stronger with the assistance of ATCOM’s talented team and we look forward to delivering superior services to our customers’ increasingly demanding needs, with a high Return On Investment.

Today, ATCOM Internet & Multimedia S.A. holds an esteemed position in the Greek Internet Business Market, with over 1,200 successfully implemented projects and an extensive clientele, including big mass media groups, Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Service Providers and Greek Multinational Corporations.