The upgraded portal of Greece’s favourite media & publishing brand.



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Athens Voice, the leading Media & Publishing brand in Greece, partnered with ATCOM to upgrade its digital presence and transform it into a modern, compelling and influential portal that enhances user experience and responds to the evolving needs of modern media brands and customers alike.

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To address the business objectives, our Strategy and Experience teams outlined the strategic roadmap, based on extensive research, technical performance audits and analytics reviews, on top of a comprehensive UX Analysis. The challenge was to come up with an Information Architecture that respects the portal’s extra rich content, categorising it in a cohesive and clear manner, and highlighting, at all times, certain aspects and entities of it.

Our Design experts then created a concept that strikes a balance between news and culture, the two natures of the portal that include the more “serious” current affairs style and the lighter, fresher and more youthful energy that points to a city guide. Under this principle, we redesigned and restructured all of the Athens Voice content areas, enabling the new categorisation through a colour-coding approach that runs throughout the website. We gave prominence to the radically upgraded “City Guide” section and designed from scratch areas such as the Podcasts and the “Look Magazine” that features a site-within-a-site logic.

The updated portal is SEO-optimised, includes all the editorial content as AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and is supported by the strong, flexible and scalable infrastructure of Netvolution 6.0, which enables the new concept, supports all traffic volumes and allows for an effortless and versatile site administration.