The upgraded e-commerce site of attica department stores



  • UX

Leading Department Stores in Greece, attica dps, continues its strategic investment in digital, to transform its services and the experience offered to its customers. ATCOM, within a long-lasting strategic partnership with the brand, redesigned and replatformed the attica department stores e-commerce site, aiming to reinvent the online shopping experience, strengthen the brand and skyrocket sales.

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Our Strategy team identified the business and functional requirements, to deeply comprehend the brand’s business needs and be able to plot the strategic roadmap for the steps to follow. Based on these findings, our Experience experts performed a thorough UX Analysis, which enabled them to restructure the website’s Information Architecture in a meaningful manner, as well as to predict all of the user journeys and capture every interaction throughout the website. The selected Design Concept translates effectively the business strategy into a user-friendly and highly converting interface addressed to the modern shopper.

On the Technology front, we ensured the optimal display and functionality of the site across devices, through a responsive front-end implementation. Placing extra focus on enriching the site’s SEO value, we incorporated advanced SEO features, while also implementing all the blog-related pages as AMP (Mobile Accelerated Pages), so as to render them instantly loadable on mobile Google searches. As for the back end, we replatformed the website on the latest version of Netvolution, ATCOM’s award-winning CMS platform. Netvolution 6.0 provides the advanced infrastructure needed to accommodate the most demanding e-commerce activities, ensuring its performance and stability, while supporting sophisticated interconnections with payment gateways, ERP and other third-party systems. At the same time, e-commerce managers and site administrators have access to a complete suite of tools and functionalities to manage the e-shop in an effortless and cost-efficient manner.