As the needs of Vodafone My CU customers shift increasingly towards digital, the company needed to respond to the clients’ upgraded expectations and offer a radically improved, personalised and effective experience.

Evaluating business objectives and fully aligned with corporate philosophy, ATCOM approached the venture with meticulous attention. With ISOBAR carrying out the design, the implementation of the new Vodafone My CU mobile application by ATCOM was based on a solid strategy and a high-level business logic. Tapvolution, ATCOM’s framework for native applications, handles the complexity of real-time data synchronisation, supporting accurate and valid data collection, generating real-time, user-specific dashboards and incorporating multiple personalisation features that provide total control over personal accounts. Tackling the challenge of connectivity, Tapvolution ensures optimal interconnection with third party, as well as the company’s own systems, while maintaining high speed, performance and reliability.

Focusing on user experience and usability, the carefully planned information architecture was further enhanced with the use of motion design, intended to optimise user flows and experience, put emphasis on desired elements and provide visual orientation, contributing to a stimulating, intuitive navigation.

The new Vodafone My CU app allows log in without registration, one-click balance control and renewal, bundle and CU around codes activation, while enabling personalised communication. Achieving optimal branding and accurately reflecting Vodafone CU’s friendly and modern character, the app contributes to the strengthening of the CU community, further reinforced by the app’s capability to let users send gifts in the form of free MBs to their friends.

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