The Digital Transformation of AEGEAN’s operational processes



ATCOM, AEGEAN’s long-standing Strategy and Technology Partner, empowered the company to timely and effectively respond to the overwhelming volumes of ticket cancellation and compensation requests due to COVID-19. The information subsystem we implemented enabled AEGEAN to tackle a major challenge in what is probably the largest crisis in the history of modern aviation, by building resilience and elasticity within its operational processes.

Aegean Cancellation 01
Aegean Cancellation 02

Towards the end of February and into the beginning of March 2020, AEGEAN saw the totality of its fleet – apart from the cargo aircrafts- grounded and all of its passenger flights cancelled, due to the pandemic safety measures. As a result, AEGEAN’s systems faced an unprecedented overload, receiving ticket cancellation and client compensation requests on a massive scale. We were called upon, in early March, to implement an information subsystem to manage the cancellation of tickets and trigger the compensation procedure, where needed.

To deliver the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we applied a fully agile development process and fulfilled three main requirements. We:

  • Delivered User Interfaces enabling both customers to submit requests online and call centre agents receiving customer requests by phone.
  • Developed a sophisticated back-end system processing the requests through complex business process flows and automated workflows.
  • Ensured the overall reliability, performance and security of the system, taking into account the sensitivity of data and monetary transactions involved.

The MVP was delivered by the end of March and, since then, it’s been a work in progress. The current enhanced product consists of an intricate ecosystem that uses governance and authentication elements through the Sitecore Experience Platform, and interacts with four components:

  • The Amadeus Global Ticketing System, to enrich our entries and ultimately trigger ticket cancellation.
  • Indra, the AEGEAN partner handling vouchers, which has been the dominant compensation method.
  • The accounting systems of AEGEAN; a highly critical and complex integration that serves a complicated logic and results in a 3-digit number of workflows.
  • The local iteam system that connects our subsystem with AEGEAN’s partnering payment processors, who then render the payment void and activate refunds.

Through the painstaking, rigorous work and dedication of ATCOM’s AEGEAN team, not only did we reach our objectives, but also equipped our client with a successful, effective and efficient solution to tackle one of the most critical challenges of the aviation industry in recent years. Our solution has facilitated up to now over 800,000 requests, providing an automated system to process them, significantly reducing application processing time and removing the factor of human error wherever possible. More importantly, we further solidified our relationship with AEGEAN and provided a vital tool with the potential to digitally transform other related operations of the company.