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Within our long-standing partnership with Core Innovations, we continue to optimise the digital channels of the allSmart Club loyalty scheme. Following the highly successful launch of a few years back, it was now time for some meaningful improvements in the form of a facelift, aiming to optimise user experience and stay ahead of competition.

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Allsmart 2022 04 is the official digital home of allSmart Club, the loyalty scheme of Shell gas stations, addressed to allSmart members, as well as a comprehensive e-shop, with numerous suppliers and thousands of products, addressed to everyone.

Keeping in mind business objectives, our existing e-Business & Digital Transformation roadmap for the brand and UX best practices, we carried out a comprehensive UX Research & Analysis, in order to identify key areas where we could intervene and implement change. Starting from the homepage and working our way through to the inner pages, we improved the presentation of products (product tiles and price display), the placement of banners, as well as the site’s header and footer. Furthermore, we optimised the basket and the main menu, enabling users to navigate across the different categories and subcategories through different levels of the same menu. We employed subtle but important changes, including the integration of menu illustrations and call-to-actions, resulting in an interface that is much more user-friendly and efficient. Last, but not least, we improved the site’s search functionality, enriching it with the live search feature.

With two target audiences – simple e-shop users, and loyalty users – the website merges the loyalty scheme experience across channels, offering the opportunity to earn and redeem points with every purchase and have full control over a member’s overall activity, while attracting new members. The e-shop further innovates, by offering customers the unique ability to purchase products by redeeming their loyalty points, filling in any remaining price balance by paying with euros.

The complexity of the system lies in its interconnection of several disparate external systems that support the e-shop’s different functions – with Netvolution 5.0 as the hub. Netvolution complements the standard e-shop functions with:

  • A sophisticated price and point management system that allows fine-grained control of wholesale prices, margins and profit per product, as well as automatic calculation of loyalty reward and redemption points per product on all loyalty levels
  • A complete offer management system allowing combinations of discounts according to rule-based set criteria
  • An advanced campaign management system through multiple channels
  • An advanced reporting system for the monitoring of all sales-related data