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Protothema, Greece's leading newspaper and news portal with over 1.300.000 unique daily users, partnered once again with ATCOM to plan and implement the upgrade of Protothema’s digital presence, by redesigning the portal and redefining the experience of its readers.

Proto Thema 2022 01
Proto Thema 2022 02
Proto Thema 2022 03
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Fully aligned with Protothema’s goals and target-group philosophy, our Strategy and Experience experts outlined a business transformation strategy that re-evaluated the portal’s Key Performance Indicators, delivering a cutting-edge news platform that exceeded stakeholder needs and expectations.

Following our previous work for the brand, when we had restructured completely the site’s information architecture, we maintained the same reader-first character and UX logic, aiming to further optimise usability, accommodate user micro-interactions and offer an overall upgraded experience. In this context, we applied our redesign strategy starting on the homepage and worked our way through to the inner pages and throughout the site’s content.

Within a minimal design concept featuring a light and fresh look and feel that inspires trust and reliability, we adopted a new colour palette, consisting of black, white and blue-grey as main colours, and orange as a secondary colour. In alignment with the new colour identity of the brand’s web presence, we also redesigned its logo.

Optimal performance is an issue of utmost importance to a website of such high visibility and traffic. This challenge is addressed through the site’s robust infrastructure on Netvolution 5.5 which, combined with our responsive design, ensures flawless performance across devices, while also automatically creating Facebook Instant Articles and AMP versions of content, facilitating readers and editors alike.