A new era for a historic brand.



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E. J. Papadopoulos S.A., a pioneering manufacturing industry focusing on nutrition and a Greek market leader with 4 factories, more than 1,500 employees and a presence in over 61 countries, partnered with ATCOM to develop a digital strategy that would bring the brand forward; a Digital Transformation journey into the future, from Discovery to Product Definition and implementation!

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The purpose was the development of a digital strategy towards enhancing the relationship, perceived experience and service provisioning of the B2B customers via the incorporation of an online B2B platform as an additional touchpoint. To this end, we employed a multi-disciplinary team of ATCOM consultants encompassing all aspects of the new venture.

Our goals, as surfaced during the Discovery phase, were to increase the direct clientele, foster and enhance the relationship of retail points of sale and professionals with the E. J. Papadopoulos S.A. brand, create a strong reference point for potential partners, broaden the brand’s geographical diffusion, and provide a solid, innovative platform to help B2B clients optimise their operations. Our team embarked on an extensive series of workshops, as well as stakeholder, customer, and partner interviews, in order to discover, observe and understand behaviours, needs & motivations, pain points & opportunities, in every context. Next, through Affinity Mapping, CX flows of the AS IS situation and B2B personas, we were able to understand what move us forward helping us reach our goal and what holds us back.

As we proceeded to Product Definition, we identified as the right product a digital B2B platform, defined its features and prioritised them according to their CX impact, Business Value and Implementation Effort, resulting in a comprehensive CX Product Backlog. Thoroughly analysing every Use Case, we were then able to address the Functional Flows, IT Architecture and Technical Specifications, to bring the platform to life.

Our Experience experts created the wireframes and converted them to design templates for the platform’s interface, whereas our Technology team took over for the Front-End and Back-End implementation, resulting in a digital platform that is easy to use and accessible by everyone, providing different levels of participation based on the type of the B2B client.

Built on A-commerce, ATCOM’s Omnichannel Commerce platform providing the reliable, robust, and scalable infrastructure that incorporates every e-commerce feature to secure the company’s investment for the road ahead, the E. J. Papadopoulos S.A. B2B platform offers an extraordinary, effortless, modern and effective experience to B2B clients and partners, reaching the company’s goals and respecting its current and future business objectives.

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