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The first full companion mobile app for students & teachers by ATCOM


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The new BCA College app, created by ATCOM, is the first full companion app for students and teachers in Greece, providing BCA College students with useful tools that enhance and improve their experience, while opening up a new channel of direct communication and effective management on the College’s end.

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Through the BCA College app, students can create their personal profiles and have access to information about the College, check their schedule and monitor their progress, receive useful notifications, and manage their personal profiles in real time, through the interconnection of the app with the College's CRM. At the same time, the app radically upgrades student management, enabling users to safely check in and out of the building, simply by scanning a unique QR code at the entrance. Highly innovative and pioneering, the app enables teachers to automatically monitor class attendance, through the interaction between the app and strategically placed beacons – an implementation presented for the first time in educational institutions. Moreover, teachers have their own dashboard, where they can navigate to their full teaching programme, find useful information and have access to student lists per class.

In alignment with BCA College’s philosophy, ATCOM’s Creative Department worked in close collaboration with the UXlab experts to design a user-friendly interface that focuses on usability and reflects BCA’s brand identity. The development of the app on Tapvolution, ATCOM’s framework for native applications, achieves optimal connectivity with the BCA College’s systems, establishes high performance and stability across smartphones and sets the technologically advanced infrastructure to support future developments, extensions and additions.

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