In need of a weather forecast? The new freemeteo mobile app is here, come rain or shine!


Fresh and modern, user-friendly and convenient, the new freemeteo mobile application is the absolute weather forecasting tool for everyone!


  • UX
  • NATIVE APP, one of Greece’s leading weather forecast websites, selected ATCOM to design and implement a weather forecasting mobile application, providing an upgraded, seamless experience across multiple channels for its audience.

The new mobile app has a sleek and sophisticated look and feel, with a flat, intuitive layout. ATCOM’s Creative Department adopted a fluid design; elements are proportionally placed and adjustable to every mobile screen resolution, rendering the interface user-friendly and appealing across devices.


The design strategy incorporates spectacular backgrounds, synchronised with the local weather patterns obtained through location services. Throughout the app, these striking settings alternate with single coloured backgrounds, featuring light typefaces and outline graphics, which enhance the depiction of meteorological elements both with icons and numbers.

Apart from its visual appeal, the mobile app dives deep into weather forecast, enabling users to have access to a tabular hourly or 7-day forecast, supplemented with live satellite images, weather maps and meteograms views, showing information about temperature, wind, visibility, pressure and humidity. Supporting multiple languages and innumerable regions, the new freemeteo mobile app is an indispensable weather forecasting tool for everyone!

Built on ATCOM’s TAPvolution framework for native mobile applications.

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