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IKEA addresses the growing needs of its customers and strategically invests in digital to upgrade its services and develop a comprehensive Omnichannel identity. Within this context, ATCOM, IKEA Greece’s Strategy and Technology partner, transformed the IKEA Greece mobile application, aiming to enhance and unify in-store and out-of-store customer experiences, strengthen the IKEA brand and offer personalised services that boost sales across all channels.

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We redesigned the IKEA app’s interface, creating clear user journeys with attention to every mobile-specific microinteraction of users. Our redesign strategy was based on using the official IKEA Design System, resulting in a cohesive and consistent brand identity. By utilising the brand’s Design System, we were able to streamline our design process and ensure that every element of the application adheres to IKEA's brand guidelines. This not only enhances user experience and promotes consistency, but also strengthens the brand's overall identity and recognition.

In addition to the redesign, our strategy for the app’s upgrade aimed to enhance its functionality and provide an enriched experience for IKEA customers. As a result, the app is not only a welcoming digital space for guests and customers, but also a technologically advanced mobile channel that offers a range of services to meet their needs, spanning three areas:

1. Instore

In its instore functionality, the app provides step-by-step guidance and real-time services that simplify and improve instore navigation, product location and order collection. Overall, a great helping hand for IKEA visitors - before, during and after their visit.

2. Mobile Commerce

The upgraded mobile app is an effective, secure and reliable mobile commerce channel, enabling intuitive product navigation, effortless order creation and smooth online purchase through uncluttered checkout pages. As part of a truly Omnichannel ecosystem, the app provides real-time synchronisation of the basket across all IKEA channels, offering users the opportunity to create, manage and complete their order through multiple cross-channel customer journeys with different start and end points.

3. Registration & Loyalty

The IKEA Family loyalty programme is fully incorporated into the app through an innovative “one log in account for all”, ensuring every IKEA customer enjoys a unified and consistent experience.

Furthermore, the app’s infrastructure and the integration with third-party systems enables the incorporation of innovative features including Visual Search, which empowers users to search products using images, as well as the opportunity for users to bring certain products into their physical space through Augmented Reality.

The IKEA Greece mobile app is built on ATCOM’s SDK for native applications, featuring the infrastructure needed to support seamless functionality, unrivalled performance and advanced connectivity with third parties and the rest of IKEA Omnichannel’s components. Finally, the app is scalable and ready to integrate further innovative technologies and features.

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