Transforming the IKEA online shopping experience




IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with over 300 stores and franchised units in 42 countries. IKEA Greece continues to invest in digital with ATCOM as its Strategy and Technology partner, aiming to optimise customer experience, unify its brand presence across channels, and maximise business impact. ATCOM, within its ongoing partnership with the company, redesigned the IKEA e-shop in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

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Our redesign strategy was based on the adoption of the official IKEA Design System, aiming to achieve consistency in terms of the brand, offer a decisively improved user experience, as well as to reinforce the overall effectiveness of the site. The strategic use of the brand’s Design System enabled us to optimise our design process and make sure that all creative elements are aligned with the brand guidelines of IKEA.

The redesigned IKEA e-commerce site places great emphasis on the structure and hierarchy of content, resulting in a streamlined, intuitive navigation on all devices. IKEA’s product offering is highlighted through a smart categorization and product pages are upgraded and optimised for user interaction. The homepage is well-organised and enriched with new content zones, while the checkout process is uncluttered, with guest checkout options available for faster transactions. Finally, the new IKEA site fully incorporates the IKEA family loyalty programme, generating a unified, single account for every user and eliminating the need for a separate log in for IKEA family members.

Netvolution’s advanced features and e-commerce functionalities provide flawless performance and stability, with sophisticated third-party interconnections ensuring a seamless purchasing experience and secure online transactions. Web administrators can easily configure the order flow and manage product prices, coupons and offers by applying dynamic rules, while content editing is smoother than ever, through Netvolution’s smart editing and asset management tools. At the same time, the site’s infrastructure supports the continuous integration of future extensions, developments, and a plethora of Business Intelligence, marketing and CRM tools, proving the website to be a vital component of a truly IKEA Omnichannel strategy.