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payzy is the new digital wallet app and online payment service offered by COSMOTE. Within our long-standing partnership with the group, ATCOM was responsible for the UX Research, UX Strategy and UX/UI Design for the brand new payzy app.

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Our Experience Team focused on serving the brand’s vision to allow people to invest in what matters the most: life. Applying a wide range of methods, we gained a thorough understanding of business and customer needs and planned the UX/UI Design Strategy. At first, we were able to comprehend the objectives and suggest the best use scenarios, while afterwards, we mapped out and evaluated every interaction of users throughout the mobile app. We structured the app’s architecture of information in a manner that ensures the findability of its content and innovative features, aiming to offer users an engaging and meaningful experience at all times; all the while providing the brand with consultation on business decisions.

To bring the Design Strategy to life, our team created from scratch a highly sophisticated Design System, based on the Atomic Design Methodology. The Design System, other than providing a pool of design elements that can be used on different areas of the app, allowing for impressive versatility, was the “universal language of communication” among the project’s teams.

payzy allows people to manage their financial transactions and make digital payments through their mobile device in a fast and effortless manner. That makes it a holistic digital solution designed for all those who want flexibility and simplicity in their daily lives. Its features include:

  • Wallet: connected to the user’s payzy account - users can top up, make payments and transfer money
  • payzy Visa debit Card (virtual or physical): users can issue, make payments, and use on ATM
  • Split it: empowers users to share the bill with their company/friends in an automated manner
  • Chat & Pay: enables users to connect with their friends and exchange money easily, through chatting
  • Loyalty programme: the only mobile app on the Greek market that rewards users with real money, which they can use whenever and wherever they want

Get the app here: