The official website & e-shop of allSmart Club is live!


The third phase of Coral's allSmart Club's digital transformation journey has been successfully completed, with a brand new e-shop and website.



  • UX

As part of Coral’s allSmart Club loyalty scheme upgrade and following the highly successful allSmart App launch, Coral Innovations, extending the strategic partnership with ATCOM, fulfilled yet another step of its business transformation journey, with the creation of a new allSmart Club e-shop and website.


Keeping in mind business objectives and digital transformation best practices, ATCOM plotted a rigorous e-business plan encompassing both the establishment of an effective digital presence and the strategic implementation of allSmart Club’s e-shop. is the official digital home of allSmart Club, the central point of shell smart club card registration and online card creation, as well as a comprehensive e-shop with numerous suppliers and thousands of products.

The complexity of the system lies in the interconnection of several disparate external systems that support the e-shop’s different functions. To accomplish this, ATCOM employed the 5th version of its Netvolution WCMS, which operates as a hub that integrates:

  • The allSmart Club loyalty system allowing the seamless loyalty points reward and redemption during checkout
  • The e-shops suppliers' systems for real-time product, stock and order communication
  • The Coral Innovations ERP system for accounting purposes
  • The Coral Innovations Warehouse System for timely handling and dispatch of orders
  • The Courier system for tracking of shipped orders
  • The bank platform for real-time credit card charges

With two target audiences – simple e-shop users, and loyalty users – the website merges the loyalty scheme experience across channels, providing full control over a member’s overall activity, while attracting new members.

The integration with the loyalty system allows e-shop users to instantly become loyalty users by generating, on the fly, a virtual loyalty card that will allow them to earn points with every purchase they make, which they can use for subsequent purchased instead of euros. Virtual cards, as well as classic plastic loyalty cards, can be bound to the allSmart App and be used during fuel refiling in all Shell gas stations, earning even more points that can also be spent on the e-shop.

Product overview is clear, detailed and accompanied by cross-selling features, while the robust information architecture and the use of mega menus and smart filters contribute to an intuitive navigation that shows a clear path to transaction completion. Furthermore, user experience is fully personalised, enabling personal account creation, order history, coupon management and personal communication.

The e-shop further innovates, by offering customers the unique ability to purchase products from a huge collection by redeeming their loyalty points, while having the ability to fill in any remaining price balance by paying with euros.

ATCOM’s Software Engineers implemented this highly demanding project ensuring high performance and optimal integration with multiple systems and web services, resulting in a high-level reliable and effective website and e-shop.

Netvolution complements the standard e-shop functions with:

  • A sophisticated price and point management system that allows fine-grained control of wholesale prices, margins and profit per product, as well as automatic calculation of loyalty reward and redemption points per product on all loyalty levels
  • A complete offer management system allowing combinations of discounts according to rule-based set criteria
  • An advanced campaign management system enabling communication of users through multiple channels, incentivizing them to proceed to purchases, registrations and other actions, by offering discount coupons, extra loyalty points or free products
  • An advanced reporting system for the monitoring of all sales-related data

Built on Netvolution 5.0 and hosted on the proven Microsoft Azure infrastructure, fully compatible with Netvolution, is the place to be to enjoy the privileges of allSmart Club through any device, anytime.