Redesigned and replatformed to transform the viewing experience of its audience.



  • UX

Star Channel, one of Greece’s major television networks, radically upgraded the cross-platform experience of its digital viewers, with ATCOM as the Strategy and Technology Partner. The challenge was to modernise the Star TV digital presence, redesign its interface and upgrade its technological infrastructure, upon the latest ATCOM technologies.

Star TV 2022 01
STAR TV 2022 02
STAR TV 2022 03
STAR TV 2022 04

Our main purpose was to plan and implement a redesign strategy that focuses on video consumption, by:

  • maximising exposure of users to videos
  • enabling them to locate their favourite pieces of content fast and efficiently
  • offer them the power to enjoy their preferred content in a hassle-free, intuitive manner

To translate business objectives into tangible results, we created a new platform that provides an abundance of new features and capabilities, to viewers and site administrators alike.

User experience is significantly upgraded, as visitors have now the opportunity to browse through the channel’s digital content more effectively, use the site’s optimised search functionality and create their favourite, hand-picked playlists. At the same time, site administrators are empowered to create playlists with latest uploads, popular videos or any other content suggestions they need to offer their users, in the form of series or collections of individual videos and highlights, to name a few.

Built on the 6th version of Netvolution, our award-winning CMS platform, Star TV has the advanced infrastructure to support its high-traffic audience with unrivalled performance and stability on any device.

The upgraded Star TV portal is here to exceed the expectations of modern Web TV audiences!