Reinventing the Goody's instore experience


  • CX

Goody's continues to upgrade its digital and physical channels, with ATCOM as the brand’s Business Transformation partner. This time, we harnessed the power of instore interactivity, to bring forth a new component of the brand's Omnichannel Strategy. The Goody's self ordering kiosks transform instore customer experiences and optimise internal operations at Goody's physical stores, by integrating tech innovation into the brand’s CX strategy.

Goody's kiosks 01
Goody's kiosks 02
Goody's kiosks 03
Goody's kiosks 04

Merging the brand’s physical and digital aspects, the Goody's kiosks are a combination of physical equipment – screens – with digital assets and technologies based on Netvolution, ATCOM’s award-winning CMS platform. Our goal was to enhance the ordering experience of instore customers, while at the same time streamlining the store’s internal operations, by providing a new ordering channel within the store; one that is frictionless, effective and valuable.

Through the Goody's kiosks, customers can place their order in an engaging and user-friendly interface that resembles the Goody's Burger House e-commerce website, pay on the spot and then get notified on their mobile device to pick up their order. Members of the Goody's All Star Club loyalty programme have access to their privileges and can activate coupons and vouchers, whereas non-registered customers have the opportunity to join All Star Club right after they place their order. All of the above functionalities are supported through the infrastructure’s integrations with third parties related to the loyalty programme, the ordering distribution within the store and the payment process.