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The largest archive of Greek oral histories, a powerful initiative with ATCOM's support.


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ATCOM, actively supporting the cause of Greek oral history preservation, collaborated with non-profit organisation Istorima, established to create an archive of Greek oral histories, with a founding grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and its “Recharging the Youth” initiative. As a token of support, and true to our purpose of having a positive impact in our society, we designed and implemented the largest digital portal to encompass oral stories from Greeks all around the country - and beyond.

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Our strategy revolved around meeting the highest of expectations, as dictated by such projects of cultural heritage, in terms of both creative and technological innovation. Our objective, therefore, was threefold:

  • to bring to life the digital home for Greece’s largest archive of oral stories
  • to offer the portal’s visitors an extraordinary experience, regardless of the device they use to access the site
  • to guide visitors who wish to find a job within Istorima and the SNF’s “Recharging the Youth” initiative, by providing a direct link to the related careers online channel

Our Experience and Technology experts laid out a mobile-first roadmap that places users at its core. We embedded into our creative strategy the elements of video and audio recordings, and shaped an intuitive interface, where visitors can effortlessly browse through the site’s rich content, listen to stories, read their transcripts, and download them. At the same time, we integrated innovative features that augment user experience and bring the stories alive on users’ screens; one such example being the sticky player, which enables users to listen to their preferred podcast as they navigate throughout the portal, without interruptions. is a Single Page Application, implemented in alignment with Accessibility level 2 standards. Harnessing the stability and flexibility of the infrastructure provided by the 6th version of our award-winning CMS Platform Netvolution, complemented with Akamai's CDN services for content delivery optimisation, we ensured the website’s optimal performance at all times and regardless of device.

More importantly, we made sure that the Greek cultural heritage, gathered, recorded and archived by Istorima, is captured and passed on to future generations.