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  • UX

Within the long-lasting partnership of ATCOM and leader in the travel & tourism industry Let’s Ferry, ATCOM was the Strategy, Experience and Technology partner to redesign the company’s B2C digital portal for online ferry ticket booking, operating in 6 languages and serving more than 230 destinations.

Creatively superior and technically advanced, the upgraded responds to the evolving needs of modern travellers and transforms the online travel booking experience.

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We centred our strategy on two pillars: the optimisation of the portal’s interface and its infrastructural upgrade. Our Experience experts performed extensive UX research and analysis on the homepage, booking flow and content pages, which led to a responsive, mobile-first design that renders user journeys clear and navigation intuitive. By streamlining search and booking procedures, we empower customers to make conscious, informed decisions and book their preferred tickets in an effortless and efficient manner.

On the technology front, Netvolution 5.7 provides the advanced, flexible and scalable infrastructure needed to establish optimal interconnection with the Liknoss GDS and multiple third parties revolved around payments, push notifications, contact and support. Utilising Netvolution’s functionalities, we ensure the uninterrupted flow of information across the company’s departments and enhance the administrators’ capabilities with invaluable management and pricing rule-setting mechanisms, as well as reporting & analytics tools.

The redesigned enables users to locate ferry tickets by destination, by route, by date or by searching directly through the search mask and the portal’s interactive map, while also providing information on destinations, ferry companies, offers and announcements. Bringing innovation at every step of the booking flow, shifts the paradigm in travel booking sites.