Transforming the official digital portal of the Greek National Tourism Organisation



  • UX

Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) collaborated with ATCOM and COSMOTE to strategically upgrade the digital presence of Visit Greece, the official portal for Greek Tourism. The redesigned is the key communication hub for Greece and the international tourism market, aiming to nurture travel inspiration and feature Greece as the ultimate, all-year-round travel destination.

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Our goal was to create a modern, user-friendly and technologically advanced digital space that will be the focal point for those interested in the Greek Tourism. Our approach for the portal’s redesign and implementation was primarily based on the strategic goal of GNTO to expand the touristic appeal of Greece beyond the seasons so far considered popular in tourist terms. In this context and following extensive research by our Experience Design team, we reinvented the site’s hierarchy of content, sorting, first and foremost, Greece’s destinations into two main categories, Mainland & Islands, followed by two inner levels of categorisation. To enhance user experience and usability, we applied a Narrative Architecture that instinctively guides users throughout their journey, from research to planning and sharing the experience.

We introduced the concept of seasonality on the homepage, right at the first point of interaction with users, enabling, through a floating season picker, the display of customised content – destinations and experiences – based on the selected season. We also made strategic use of interactive maps and creative elements, to skyrocket engagement and highlight usability, in a manner adapted to the specific needs of every type of device; a logic highlighted by the portal’s mobile-first, responsive design and front-end implementation. Our creative approach was clean-cut and simple, emphasising photography and complemented with a wide range of hand-drawn illustrations, specifically designed to showcase the best attributes of each destination, experience, suggestion, or any other piece of content related to Greece. Furthermore, we ensured the portal is compliant with Accessibility level 2 standards.

Our Technology team implemented on the 6th version of our award-winning CMS Platform Netvolution, ensuring its optimal performance and functionality at all times. At the same time, the portal is hosted on the Information Society’s G-Cloud and utilises Akamai security and content delivery services.