allSmart Mobile Application: The new era of allSmart Club!


ATCOM planned the strategy and implemented the brand new allSmart Mobile App. The cornerstone of Coral's allSmart Club digital transformation!


  • UX

Coral S.A., understanding the need for a strong business digital presence, decided to update its allSmart mobile app, addressed to customers and allSmart Club cardholders.

ATCOM set the business strategy and created a premium mobile application. Steering the infrastructure of allSmart Club solutions towards a more solid foundation, cutting-edge technology, improved User Experience and Usability, the new app will eventually substitute the physical Club card.


A thorough UX analysis was performed by UXlab, ATCOM’s Business Unit, to rebuild the information architecture and render the content accessible, credible and findable. Tribal Worldwide Athens joined forces with ATCOM and was appointed to redesign the application, opting for a modern material design that loads fast and is easily navigable.

The allSmart App was developed by ATCOM’s Mobile Department on TAPvolution, ATCOM’s development framework for mobile native applications. New features are integrated, such as advanced filters, point redemption and a route planner, allowing users to either locate Shell stations on their way to a specific destination or map the best way to their destination through Shell stations; navigation is enabled regardless of location data activation, through Google or Apple Maps.

Azure Notification Hubs were used as notification services, providing cross-platform, personalised push notifications. Additionally, not only users of the app can now acquire an online allSmart Card, but registered cardholders also, meeting the requirements, can be automatically upgraded to Shell V-Power Club members.

Furthermore, the new allSmart app incorporates the full functionality of the allSmart e-shop,, unifying customer behaviour across channels and throughout the digital, as well as the physical environment.

The new allSmart App is here to make the Club more direct and accessible, eliminating for allSmart Club cardholders the need of a physical card and transferring its services to their smartphones.

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