M-volution™ is a mobile services & marketing management system emphasizing in simplicity and providing a variety of mobile development technologies to build upon. Based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and being available via a web interface it accelerates design, development and management of a plethora of different kind of mobile applications.
M-volution™ succeeds in several mobile oriented projects such as:
- Mobile marketing campaigns
- Mobile Site creation
- Simplified mobile content Presentation and Delivery via the creation of standalone mobile applications
- Smart interoperation to Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)
- Secure content mobilization (DRM)
Basing its philosophy to web standards and provided as an advanced all in one solution it provides an easy to adopt methodology.
Its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a distributed but simple method of delivering mobile content whether the potential user is a developer or a marketer. It is provided totally via a web interface, thus being available everywhere.
Specifically designed to fulfill the demand for current and future mobile needs several elements of functionality are provided. These are:
- Statistical reporting
- Performance/traffic monitoring
- Campaigns and mobile sites simulation environment
- Developer Application Programming Interface (API)
- HTTP Application Programming Interface (API)
- Easy and simple interconnectivity with external systems (WCMS)
A flexible licensing scheme is provided.
Edition 1.0 provides a complete solution for developing or delivering mobile applications. The main provided components are:
- Mobile Site Builder (covering all mobile handsets applying the W3C standards).
- Campaign Manager(massive “bulk” promotions, keyword marketing, sms/mms interactive actions)
- Application creation and delivery
- Mobile Content manager and Handset Library

latest projects powered by M-volution

TA NEA Ovi Widget
TA NEA Ovi Widget
launched: Μαρτίου, 10 2010

Atcom recently published the widget edition of Ta Nea, making it the first Greek newspaper app for NOKIA Smart phones! Designed by the Digital Media Business Unit of Lambrakis Press SA, and based on Atcom’s m-volution technology and advanced know-how on ovi widget development technologies, the end user can find the latest news, photo galleries and blogs from the famous newspaper!

 You can download the widget from here

Sport.gr iphone app
Sport.gr iphone app
launched: Φεβρουαρίου, 26 2010
Atcom recently published the iphone edition of sport.gr famous website sports vortal, based on m-volution technology and advanced know-how on iphone development technologies the end user can find in the app ports news and videos, photo galleries and sports newspaper front pages from sport.gr
TA NEA iphone application
TA NEA iphone application
launched: Δεκεμβρίου, 05 2009
The first Greek newspaper iPhone app, fully powered by m-volution! Already placed 1st position (Top Free Apps) at Greek iTunes store.
Read news and commentary from Greece's leading daily newspaper on your iPhone / iPod touch, wherever you are.
tanea.gr mobile
tanea.gr mobile
launched: Σεπτεμβρίου, 01 2009
One of the most popular newspapers migrated to the mobile area. Using the m-volution platform and without changing anything on the client's side, atcom has recently launched the mobile version of tanea.gr browsable through all handsets and providing advanced user experience.