Netvolution™ is a powerful and efficient Web Content Management system for creating, managing, maintaining and publishing content on the Web.

Netvolution™ provides the basis for a plethora of Web based applications such as News Portals, E-commerce Stores, Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Mobile Applications while keeping the content management life cycle simple and efficient, resulting in a competitive advantage for your business.

Netvolution™ not only offers exceptional features for managing content but also provides functionality that serves business processes. The Platform edition, Netvolution™ Web Content Management Platform, exposes all provided capabilities through its API that can be used to rapidly develop new Web Applications.

Netvolution™ supports and works perfectly on all available browsers, including the Microsoft Edge browser.

There are many reasons that make Netvolution™ the right choice for your business.

  • Rich, out of the box functionality
  • Only pay for the functionality that you really need
  • Cost efficient, enabling authoring by non technical users
  • Fully extensible through the Netvolution™ API

Netvolution™ has been developed bearing both web developers and content authors in mind. Netvolution™ succeeds in offering easy content editing and rapid web application development, two of the most important elements when building a web site ot application.

On top of that, Netvolution™ is easily extensible through the use of ready-made or custom add-ons to meet any of your unigue needs.

Netvolution™ offers a wealth of features.

  • Multimedia and multilingual content
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor and intuitive UI
  • Complete site design control
  • Content versioning
  • Advanced and fully customizable workflow

Netvolution™ comes in two editions:

  • Netvolution™ WCM than enables you to take advantage of all Netvolution™’s advanced features to facilitate the development of your internet business and
  • Netvolution™ WCMP that opens up Netvolution™’s API to allow your own internal development team to further extend and customize Netvolution™’s functionality to fit any special need.

latest projects powered by Netvolution

Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlines
launched: Φεβρουαρίου, 10 2011
An improved Aegean website has “spread its wings” and is now fully operated and supported by Netvolution!
ATCOM, has redesigned the two main Pages for the Aegean Corporate and M&B website and with its powerful CMS has made significant improvements to every corporate content page.
Alpha Bank
Alpha Bank
launched: Δεκεμβρίου, 15 2010
Alpha e-services website was developed by Atcom. The designed has been created by Tribal DDB, while the whole development process and CMS customization was developed by Atcom, with Netvolution v3.9.