Netvolution™ Technology

Netvolution™ is based on a 3 tier architecture, enabling companies and organizations to quickly and easily create, publish and manage content in a very scalable and reliable way.

Netvolution™’s main design goal and success is that allows rapid Web Application development while simplifying advanced content management features to be used by non technical users. At the same time Netvolution™ gives the opportunity of quick and easy extension and scaling as the web site’s popularity, traffic and needs grow. 

Netvolution™ is based on the .Net Framework implementing on top of it, its own complete web application development framework succeeding to accelerate development of web sites and applications, by providing the structures necessary to assist in web application development.

On top of that, Netvolution™ architecture, permits the distribution of the application to more than one load balanced web servers to assist the servicing of huge visitors loads and to guarantee an unobstructed site operation even in the case of hardware failure.


In the high level architectural diagram below, one can see all different components that comprise the Netvolution™ WCMS. 


The front end rendering engine dynamically assembles each page by combining templates (HTML page templates or XSL content templates), business logic (implemented in modules) and content, while handling caching and URL rewriting.  

Netvolution™’s back end is totally XML based, providing an environment of easy creation and incorporation of new administration forms. Every form is defined in XML whilst their functionality and looks are centrally managed allowing global application changes with minimal fuss. This fact gives the developer the opportunity to alter or add fields and properties by simply editing the corresponding XML file, that defines the form, without further changes or a need to recompile the whole application. Forms created this way inherit from the system besides their look and feel, data access, advanced personalization capabilities, rich controls, logging, versioning and multilingual support.

The back end engine provides all core functions developers need to implement custom functionality in case the long list of already developed various Modules and Add-ons is not enough.

Functionality is added by the means of Add-ons and Modules that can use the core Netvolution™ services through the Netvolution™ Application Programming Interface, providing access to core functionality and database data.

Additional data store needs can even been taken care of with the use of Netvolution™ data catalogues feature. Netvolution™ data catalogues provide a visual method of creating new database tables, together with the relevant edit forms and list grids, which extend the administration environment without writing code at all.