Netvolution™ offers powerful content management features through well-defined and user-friendly procedures.

NETVOLUTIONTM is a Web Content Management powerhouse, bringing your business operations to the web and enabling you to fully control them with minimal effort.


Netvolution™ was crafted from ATCOM’s valuable 20 years' experience, embodying all features needed in a Web Content Management System of its caliber to power a vast collection of different verticals.

It provides the basis for a plethora of Web-based applications, such as News Portals, E-commerce Stores, Intranet, Extranet and Mobile Applications, while keeping the content management life cycle simple and efficient, becoming a competitive advantage for any business.

Netvolution™'s power lies not only in its exceptional content management features, but also in its capability to provide functionality to facilitate various business processes.

Netvolution™ v. 5 is both a platform, on top of any demanding web solution, as well as a web content management system that any user, with minimal training, can use to maintain and process content for any web application.

Netvolution™ succeeds in simplifying the creation and maintenance of your web site, enabling you to benefit from advanced features, without the fuss of complex processes in configuration or in day to day usage.

The revamped user interface, with clean and consistent forms, the advanced personalisation and customisation features, the fine-grained user and user rights management, the unlimited languages support, the rich extension options, the complete logging, the import and export capabilities for all data managed and the numerous developer tools benefit any organisation that chooses Netvolution™ to power its web presence.

NETVOLUTIONTM strikes the perfect balance between being powerful in features yet a breeze to use.


Netvolution™'s success lies in the facilitation of business processes, as well as the workflow optimisation of all involved parties.

Achieve a high return on investment (ROI), decrease expenses, boost efficiency.


Achieve a high return on investment (ROI)

Netvolution™'s powerful development features minimise implementation times, while its consistent and easy environment allow the involvement of users of any expertise level in the day-to-day content management tasks. Netvolution™ is a vital cost-efficient solution that enhances productivity and opens up advanced functionality to non-technical users. The rich, out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use ensures a quick and high return on investment.

Decrease Expenses

Netvolution™ enables organisations to gain control of their web business without having to resort to outsourcing. With minimal training and almost no technical knowledge, all company employees can participate in the content management and other business processes, relieving the corporation of having to resort to outside help.

Intuitive tools and procedures that minimise coding can further reduce the cost of additional development in new site sections . In addition, the optimised architecture and facilities, such as, for example, the advanced caching, decrease hardware needs down to the absolute minimum, even under significant traffic and load.

Boost Efficiency

Efficiency within the Netvolution™ environment is greatly improved. The streamlined user interface guides users to complete their goals, while the smart help text assist them during their first steps into the system.

The fine-grained permissions and the extensive personalisation capabilities relieve users from functionalities or content sections they don’t prefer to use, allowing them to concentrate in the task at hand.

Features like live in-place editing while browsing, complete version control - which shields editors from mistakes - and visual layout editing, to name but a few, enable timely completion of tasks and projects.

On top of that, the revamped update mechanism ensures that each new version is easily installed, so that organisations can always enjoy the latest and greatest features, as well as security and performance improvements.

Minimal time to market, effortless SEO strategy implementation, feature-rich campaign manager.


Achieve minimal time to market

With no technical knowledge required for content management, marketers can quickly materialise ideas and optimise content effortlessly, so as to reach and motivate their audience as they see fit.

Effortlessly implement their SEO strategy

Marketers can edit page names, assign different page titles for headers and menus, add specific page descriptions and meta-tags, easily cross-reference content and even have the system generate keywords for them, based on the words they use and where they use them, automatically receiving signals on significance.

Netvolution™ auto-generates google-optimised sitemaps while allowing control of each page’s inclusion, priority and change frequency.

During the migration of an older site to Netvolution™ or while moving content from a section to another, Netvolution™ ensures that no search engine rankings are lost, by properly and permanently redirecting traffic to the new location, letting search engines know where to find their indexed content.

Provide incentives to audiences through the feature-rich campaign manager

Every visitor, user, customer, newsletter subscriber, or even those cell phone numbers that are lying in a contact list, can be a potential contact for the campaign manager. Marketers can create campaigns that reach their audience through SMS, push notification, email or through site messaging and incentivise contacts to visit, purchase, subscribe etc. The system tracks the visitors' actions and rewards them with personalised discounts, coupons or loyalty points. Campaigns can be set up to run once off or automatically on a preset recurring basis , giving away coupons on users’ birthdays and special occasions or responding to specific visitor actions, for example reminding them of the products left in their basket without being purchased.

Edit while browsing, intuitive layout control, 100% Browser-Based environment, efficient collaboration and personalisation.


Edit while browsing

Editors can browse and edit existing content or just click a link that lands them in the respective back-end form, to have complete control over content and relationships with other content snippets. Live content editing allows editors to edit content within its layout, in combination with other page elements, while always maintaining a complete progress overview.

Users preferring the thorough control offered by the back-end, can always use the preview feature to check how their work is progressing, while having version control on their fingertips and being able to revert changes. In case of simple content editing, even hitting the preview button isn’t necessary, as the text being edited on the back-end appears in real time on the front-end.

Have control on the layout through the intuitive page editor

Netvolution™’s revolutionary page editor provides editors with control not only of content, but on pages’ layout as well. In edit mode, pages’ layout becomes editable through simple menus and drag and drop features. Various existing elements can be mixed and matched, resulting in a limitless number of outcomes. Page editor not only enables editors to alter page layout, but gives them the power to select the source of content that specific layouts will use. Imagine, for instance, creating a news portal layout; you can select specific elements to portray the latest articles, others to display selected categories, articles from selected authors or hand-picked featured articles and photos. This way, control of the site’s appearance and function is possible without requiring any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Utilise a 100% Browser-Based environment

Netvolution™ is always one click away, all around the globe, available at the office or even at home. There is no requirement for software installations or client updates. Editors can just fire up their browser to gain immediate access to the full range of Netvolution™ functionalities and start publishing right away.

Collaborate efficiently

All contributors can work in the same environment simultaneously , visually define their publishing workflows and based on their roles, create, review and approve content. You can always request a content revision from the original editor until you are happy with it or complete the original content yourself and schedule it for publishing - or publish it immediately.

Moreover, Netvolution™ allows you to assign different content sections to different users or departments and even assign different workflow procedures based on the category of the content in question.

Finally, the powerful workspaces feature allows multiple changes across the site in a virtual staging environment. Each editor can create their own workspace, where they can manage the whole site content in a copy of the live site. As long as editors are logged in in Netvolution™ and within their workspace, they can browse the site and see their changes as if these have already been published. After they finish editing and reviewing the content, they can synchronize their changes with the live site.

Workspaces is a powerful feature of Netvolution™ that allows true collaboration in a protected environment for each contributor and offers the opportunity to easily incorporate changes within the live site.

Personalise any environment to specific needs

Different needs require different approaches. Recognising this, Netvolution™ allows editors to define and completely reshape the forms used for content editing.

Editors can visually hide fields that they don’t use, change their order to better suit them, rearrange them and group them in tabs. On top of that, they can also change field labels to their liking or to match their own terminology of things.

Streamlined dev environment, convenient system extension, proven architecture, total control.


Enjoy a streamlined development environment

Netvolution™ 5 fully utilises ASP.NET. Developers can fully take advantage of Visual Studio and all facilities of ASP.NET, while using Netvolution™'s offered building blocks to achieve a lot shorter development time. ASP.NET developers will feel right at home using their hard-earned knowledge empowered by Netvolution™ utilities. All essential facilities and structures that a site or a web application requires are readily available. Multiple languages, pages, themes and templates, file management, image editing, publishing scheduling, versioning, workflows, personalisation features, customisation capabilities, extensibility features; they are all there to allow developers to focus on developing functionality to fill the exact tailor-made need - thus providing added value to each solution.

Easily extend the system to fit their needs

No two projects are alike, and while Netvolution™’s range of features will cover most needs, in case of a distinct unique requirement, Netvolution™’s extensibility features can make up for that too. Users can create additional fields taking advantage of the all-included Netvolution™’s advanced controls, such as, among others, html editors, calendars, lookup fields. Developers can further create totally customised fields programmatically and are able to build practically anything.

Developing complete new Netvolution™ administration sections is very straightforward, as well, with Netvolution™ add-ons. Developers can easily build Netvolution forms as they do in any ASP.Net application, following the ASP.NET MVC paradigm with views and making use of the Entity framework to effortlessly create code-first, database tables, access database data and take advantage of other facilities as well, such as the built-in controls, logging, versioning and workflow capabilities completely matching Netvolution™'s core functions.

Rely on a proven architecture

Netvolution™ is based on an architecture that achieves true separation between the data, the business logic and the presentation layer. Furthermore, Netvolution™ simplifies the ASP.Net page paradigm, by offering superior performance in page rendering.

Netvolution™’s rendering engine blends together templates and content while utilising a uniquely built-in memory repository as a smart cache. The repository, an efficient memory representation of data in the database, allows for rapid data fetching and displaying, enchasing the overall experience, while also giving the developer complete control of caching and cache invalidation.

Netvolution™ also supports load balancing by default. The proprietary server synchronization facilities make sure that visitors can be served by any of the servers participating in a web farm, achieving maximum use of existing hardware resources.

An additional important architectural feature of Netvolution™ is the ability offered to develop and install ready-made or custom-developed add-ons, further expanding its list of features.

On top of that, Netvolution™ is fully compatible with Microsoft Azure Cloud and can be installed as an Azure site or in an Azure VM with an on-premise or an SQL Server as a service database, allowing infrastructure expansion, as needs arise, in a snap.

Complete system control through code

Netvolution™ API allows programmatic access and control of all system facilities. Developers can create new database entities, back-end forms, schedule operations, integrate third-party systems, alter content and more, all through code. Whatever is achievable through the UI, is accessible through the API as well.



Netvolution™ core: The basis of the tremendous power a CMS can get.


Netvolution™ core can be the basis of a multitude of different projects. It provides tremendous power, offering features that include optimal page, assets and file management, user and rights management, content versioning, load balancing and cloud support, smart editing and live preview, multiple languages, content workspaces, SEO targeted redirect management, scheduling facilities for publishing and long processes handling, rule engine utilisation for several operations, extension capabilities, forms and grid personalisation, full-action logging, automated rule-based tagging, full content search and much more. Furthermore, we have implemented several vertical solutions the most notable of which are the Publishing and E-commerce ones.

The Netvolution™ E-commerce solution is targeted to all sort of e-commerce sites and applications, from simple Business to Consumer (B2C) e-shops to complete Business to Business sites, even vast marketplaces.


Netvolution™ E-commerce provides complete product management and can be integrated with any ERP system, exposed in a public API or read data from a common medium, such as a database or a common file system.

Netvolution™ E-commerce has been built with extensibility in mind. Any kind of field can be configured, allowing support of any kind of product with any attribute needed. Products can be classified to any number of categories and can be activated for sale at any time the administrator chooses.

Pricing of products can be setup either within Netvolution™ or through an integration with third-party ERP systems. Netvolution™ can support different store views and different price lists to cover needs of B2B systems that may have different pricing policies based on each specific customer.

Administrators can set up shipping rules for automatic shipping price calculation within the system. Conditions can be setup by utilising Netvolution™ rule engine, where rules are built on a different set of criteria for shipping price calculation, such as number of items sold, total order price, total order items weight, delivery address floor number, zip code, area or region, to name a few. Rules can be stacked and sorted by priority and, when matched, a flat amount or an amount per weight unit can be charged.

Netvolution™ E-commerce also supports a flexible offer management system. The rule engine is additionally used for the offers setup. Criteria can be anything, from the total amount of an order, the number of items, the specific categories of products ordered, to the shipping cost, the customer category (loyal, big spender etc.) or any other characteristic. Criteria can be added programmatically as well as to cover even more specific needs. Offers can be prioritised so that only one of them can be applied when more than one are valid. Customers that match the criteria of an offer can enjoy anything from free products, product discounts, extra loyalty points given, free shipping or coupons for a subsequent purchase.

Stock management is another area where Netvolution™ shines, controlling the number of products available at any time for purchase. Initial stock numbers can be loaded directly in Netvolution™ or through the integration of an ERP system. Starting from that, Netvolution™ manages the number of products that are reserved during purchases, the minimum quantity below which the products appear as not available to the end customer and the warehouse used.

Netvolution™ E-commerce takes advantage of the Netvolution™ asset management facility that handles media of any type. Asset management allows the upload of any media file (images, videos etc.) that complement any product. Products can have multiple images and/or videos, while administrators can edit images within Netvolution™ for quicker product management. Product brands and suppliers can be fully managed as well.

Netvolution™ E-commerce order management ensures that all orders placed by customers will be seamlessly handled. Netvolution™ orders are supported by a robust workflow framework that can run every business process. The underlying workflow defines what the next step of each order is. This process can be automatic or allow the intervention of the user in case an offline procedure needs to run before proceeding. Netvolution™ can be solely used for the management and the fulfillment of all orders in an e-commerce site, or can forward orders to an integrated ERP system. Analytical Order reports can be exported, for any use.

Customer management is included as well. Customers are maintained within reach with Netvolution™ handling their authentication and address management, while administrators can dig in the customer’s records to identify purchase behaviors and update their e-commerce strategy.

Netvolution™ E-commerce, apart from the backend content management features, also offers the skeleton for the front-facing e-commerce solution. There are ready-made libraries for product display, sorting and filtering, user registration and account management, product search (using the robust lucene engine), cart management and checkout (with ready-to-use integrations with several payment providers). Netvolution™ E-commerce offers not only a rich management environment for e-commerce, but the foundation for the front-facing e-commerce solution as well, minimising development time & needs.

The Netvolution™ publishing solution is targeted to online media organisations and news portals of any size. In fact, several of the largest online news portals on the market are currently powered by Νetvolution™.


Netvolution™ publishing empowers news portals and allows them to focus on the news instead of the management of their content. Netvolution™ publishing is built around the revolutionary page editor, providing control on content and page layout.

Netvolution™'s intuitive publishing article management features make article writing and management a very smooth process. Articles are classified in categories and editors can create content directly within the WYSIWYG environment, assigning contributors, content flags, attributes, photos, videos, tags and more. Editors can choose whether they will allow commenting in their articles, the keywords and the description that will be included in the article page for SEO purposes, as well as the friendly URL of the article itself. Before an article is published, editors can preview it, within the live site layout. Editors can make use of the live-editing feature for an even more interactive article editing experience. With live-editing, editors can have both the management environment of Netvolution™ and the article page on the front open in a different browser windows, while content created in the back-end is simultaneously appearing on the front as they type.

Netvolution™ publishing allows the full management of the content life cycle. Editors can publish articles immediately or they can select a date and time for them to be automatically published. Netvolution™ scheduling mechanism makes sure that articles will be live exactly at the chosen time. More than that, Netvolution™ suggests related articles that can be proposed to site visitors to help them discover content. This way, the manual process of finding related articles to link is eliminated.

In addition, article updates can have two different outcomes. If the editor makes significant changes to the original article, the save button will automatically update the article's date and indicate that new information has been added. If, on the other hand, only cosmetic changes or typos were fixed, the “save without update” button updates the article leaving the date untouched.

Netvolution™ simplifies tagging generation for all articles. Editors can create article tag rules, where they can insert keywords for the system to search tags that corresponds to that keyword. After they have setup their keyword/tag pairs for the first time, each time they write an article, tags will be automatically suggested by the system, based on the keywords found in each new article. The tags generation procedure can be run towards older articles, as well.

Social media is a powerful article dissemination channel nowadays. Netvolution™ publishing allows editors to control how their articles will appear in social media. Social media tags are automatically inserted in the page source and editors can choose the title and the photo that social media will grab to display their story if a user selects to share it. What's more, Netvolution™ integrates Facebook messenger, allowing users to subscribe to the site’s messenger bot, in order to be informed of breaking news and hot topics or search for articles of their interest through the chat environment.

Another feature that may come handy to several news portals, is the browser notifications feature. Netvolution™, after collecting the user consent for browser notifications, allows the creation of a notification that will let users know about a breaking story. Editors have full control of the notification text and photo displayed, as notifications can be media rich. Notifications are an excellent way to draw visitors’ attention and especially since all they have to do is to have their browser open to be notified, even though they may be browsing a different site.

Netvolution™ publishing handles display banner management needs with ease. Zones can be defined within the content and editors can insert banner codes from their selected ad serving platform. In addition to the simpler banner management, Netvolution™ publishing integrates Google DFP and offers responsive banner management for responsive sites. Editors create zones and dimensions within Netvolution™ and connect them with DFP banners. The system can then choose automatically the banner size appropriate to the screen size of the user, thus maximizing the click through rate.

Images and multimedia content is a big part of any site, especially news portals. Editors can upload images to Netvolution™ and classify them into categories for easy reuse, while constructing their media library. Images are saved as assets with their own descriptions and tags. Images can be resized and cropped within Netvolution™, eliminating the need for a special image editing software. Apart from that, each image can have different preset sizes and cropped sections so that they can fit in different pages. Presets can be created by the editors so that they maintain control of how the image will look in every size. Netvolution™ subsequently chooses the appropriate preset for each page automatically.

Finally, Netvolution™ publishing ensures that responsive websites can be equally usable and light in every device and screen size. Instead of serving the same image file for each screen size, Netvolution™ feeds the appropriate image for every screen in terms of quality and file size, to allow faster loading times, especially in mobile devices, significantly decreasing mobile data consumption.



TB Served Monthly100.000.000+
E-Shop Monthly Transactions 1.000.000+
  • 35.000.000+ monthly visitors on Netvolution™ powered sites
  • 600.000+ customers served monthly from Netvolution™ powered e-shops